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My first stab at making something for a game jam -- My First Game Jam to be specific! I had RPGMaker XV Ace sitting on my computer for some time after grabbing it and a ton of DLC from a HumbleBundle but never committed to doing anything with it, so I used this project to learn the very basics. I was limited on time, so what I have is extra Baby's First RPGMaker game (including having a much larger file than necessary for a four room prototype, as well as a particularly erratic monster oops) but I'm uploading this as proof that gosh darnit I made a thing and learned something.

Anyway, your name is Karen. You're on a (small) spaceship with two monsters and a Kyle. One of those things will (try to) kill you.

Assets used were bought through the HumbleBundle and are available on Steam:

Game is currently not running for all users. I'll be attempting to fix those problems, but also this was literally a first attempt by a first-timer so I make no promises.

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